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Human Target

Nominated for 3 Primetime Emmys. Another 2 wins & 7 nominations.

Human Target
Internet Movie Database

Genres: Crime, Adventure, Action

Countries: USA

Released: 2010

Official sites: Fox [United States], SciFi [UK]

A unique bodyguard protects his clients by secretly infiltrating their lives in order to draw out and eliminate threats.

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#1 - Ilsa Pucci 01:00:00 November 17th, 2010
#2 - The Wife's Tale 01:00:00 November 24th, 2010
#3 - Taking Ames 01:00:00 December 1st, 2010
#4 - The Return of Baptiste 01:00:00 December 8th, 2010
#5 - Dead Head 01:00:00 December 15th, 2010
#6 - The Other Side of the Mall 01:00:00 December 22nd, 2010
#7 - A Problem Like Maria 01:00:00 January 5th, 2011
#8 - Communication Breakdown 01:00:00 January 5th, 2011
#9 - Imbroglio 01:00:00 January 14th, 2011
#10 - Cool Hand Guerrero 01:00:00 January 14th, 2011
#11 - Kill Bob 00:44:00 January 31st, 2011
#12 - The Trouble with Harry 01:00:00 February 2nd, 2011
#13 - Marshall Pucci 01:00:00 February 9th, 2011
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human­.target­.2010­.0103­.hdtv­.xvid-notv.srt   EN2010-01-27srt4217
Human.Target.2010.srt   RO2010-01-18srt2641
human­.target­.2010­.0102­.hdtv­.xvid-notv.srt   RO2010-01-20srt1523
human­.target­.2010­.0101­.hdtv­.xvid-notv.txt   PL2010-01-18sub1314
human.target.2010.208.hdtv-lol.srt   ES2011-01-07srt221
human­.target­.2010­.0103­.hdtv­.xvid-notv.srt   BG2010-07-22srt209
human­.target­.2010­.0102­.hdtv­.xvid-notv.srt   BG2010-08-23srt202
human­.target­.2010­.0105­.hdtv­.xvid-notv.txt   PL2010-02-24sub187
human.target.2010.207.hdtv-lol.srt   ES2011-01-07srt170
human­.target­.2010­.0111­.hdtv­.xvid-notv.srt   BG2010-09-21srt169
human­.target­.2010­.0101­.hdtv­.xvid-notv.srt   HE2010-09-05srt156
human­.target­.2010­.0111­.hdtv­.xvid-notv.srt   AR2010-08-23srt139
human­.target­.2010­.0101­.hdtv­.xvid-notv.srt   BG2010-08-23srt114
Human­.Target­.2010­.S02-E05­.HDTV­.XviD-LOL.srt   TR2010-12-17srt102
human­.target­.2010­.0104­.hdtv­.xvid-notv­.heb­.final.srt   HE2010-09-07srt89
human.target.2010.0105.hdtv.srt   HE2010-09-07srt71
human.target.0104.hdtv.xvid-notv.srt   PL2010-02-07srt37
Zhivaya­.Mishen­.(2­.sezon­.05­.serija­.iz­.13)­.2010­.XviD­.TVRip.srt   RU2010-12-17srt31
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Christopher Chance is a highly discreet problem solver, specializing in desperate causes. He works with retired police detective Winston, who acts mainly as back-office, and Guerrero, a scary computer wizard and former gangster. Christopher is, and needs to be, a fearless unbeatable commando as well as handy and clever as MacGyver, assuming all kinds of identities, from bodyguard to monk and from lawyer to sports professional.

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