Fukrey Returns

Fukrey Returns
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Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Countries: India

Released: Friday, December 8, 2017

Official sites: Official Facebook

Just out of jail, a don is ready to get back at the four friends who conned her.

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Fukrey Returns Teaser- Pulkit Samrat - Varun Sharma - Manjot Singh - Ali Fazal - Richa Chadha.srt   EN2018-03-09srt871

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Fukrey Returns

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After sending Bholi Punjaban in jail Fukrey Boys Hunny,Choocha,Zafar and Lali are doing well their success in life still depends on Choocha's dreams.A frustrated Bholi is in jail since a year and cant arrange for her bail as her criminal activities have stopped and there is no source of income.Bholi contacts minister Babulal Bhatia to bail her out in returns Babulal tells her that she should pay him 10 Crore within 10 days of her release or else on 11th day she will be back in jail.Bholi tracks Hunny,Choocha,Zafar and Lali and tells them as they were responsible for her arrest they should arrange the bail amount by opening a fraud finance company which will benefit them as well as the people.But Babulal plays a part and puts the company into losses.Fukrey Boys now are on the run to save their lives from Bholi as well as the people who have invested in the company.

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