Where the Heart Is

1 win & 2 nominations.

Where the Heart Is
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Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Countries: USA

Released: Friday, April 28, 2000

A pregnant 17-year-old rebuilds her life after being abandoned by her boyfriend at a Wal-Mart in Sequoyah, Oklahoma.

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Where­.the­.Heart­.Is­.2000­.DVDRip­.XViD­.iNT-PFa­.CD1­.English.srt   EN2007-06-23srt3948
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Where the Heart Is 2000 DVDRip KVCD ResourceRG KVCD TheReids.srt   EN2010-06-11srt2294
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where.the.heart.is.cd2-pfa.srt   EN2007-06-22srt1538
Where The Heart Is (2000) CD1_eng.sub   EN2007-06-24sub731
Where The Heart Is (2000) CD2_eng.sub   EN2007-06-24sub731
Where The Heart Is CD2.srt HI  EN2004-02-17srt711
Where The Heart Is CD1.srt HI  EN2004-02-17srt711
Where­_The­_Heart­_Is­_(2000)­.(DVD)­.TeamSky-eng-CD2.srt   EN2004-05-04srt615
Where­_The­_Heart­_Is­_(2000)­.(DVD)­.TeamSky-eng-CD1.srt   EN2004-05-04srt615
Where­.the­.Heart­.Is­.2000­.DVDRip­.XViD­.iNT-PFa­.CD1.Srt   PB2008-03-20srt2649
Where­.the­.Heart­.Is­.2000­.DVDRip­.XViD­.iNT-PFa­.CD2.srt   PB2008-03-20srt2649
Where The Heart Is (2000) CD2_spa.sub HI  ES2007-06-24sub1379
Where The Heart Is (2000) CD1_spa.sub HI  ES2007-06-24sub1379
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Where­_The­_Heart­_Is­_(2000)­.(DVD)­.TeamSky-fran   FR2004-05-04srt1304
Where The Heart Is (fran   FR2004-05-04srt1304
Where­_The­_Heart­_Is­_(2000)­.(DVD)­.TeamSky-fran   FR2004-05-04srt1304
where.the.heart.is.cd1-pfa.srt   BG2010-08-08srt1213
where.the.heart.is.cd1-pfa.srt   RO2009-02-14srt1010
Where­.The­.Heart­.Is­.2000­.DvdRip­.HEB.srt   HE2012-01-27srt1004
Where the heart is CD1.srt   BS2010-10-04srt894
Gdzie serce twoje CD2.txt   PL2008-11-21tmp878
Where the heart is CD2.srt   SR2010-10-07srt850
Where The Heart Is 2000 DvdRip x264 LKRG-spa.txt   ES2013-04-13srt842
Where The Heart Is 2000 DvdRip x264 LKRG.srt   DE2013-04-11srt840
where.the.heart.is.cd2-pfa.srt   AR2014-04-19srt821
where.the.heart.is.cd1-pfa.srt   AR2014-04-19srt821
Where the Heart is.smi   KO2001-07-21smi781
Where the Heart Is CD2.srt   CS2011-02-17srt781
Where.the.Heart.Is.CD1.sub   TR2011-03-16sub701
where.the.heart.is.cd1-pfa-slv.srt   SL2013-07-12srt700
WheretheHeartIs-2000-720p-Chs-b.srt   ZH2014-12-16srt698
Where The Heart Is.srt   PB2013-01-13srt608
B9C0959FE4FF3F16E7A4625A11626CD7where­.the­.heart­.is­.cd1-pfa­.ssa­_13776687­.dlsubc   PB2011-03-12ssa543
Where­.the­.Heart­.Is­.2000­.720p­.WEBRip­.x264-PLAYNOW.srt   PB2014-09-25srt308
where.the.heart.is.cd2-pfa.srt   BG2010-08-08srt283
Where The Heart Is 2000 DvdRip x264 LKRG-rum(1).srt   RO2013-03-15srt265
Where The Heart Is 2000 DvdRip x264 LKRG-hrv.sub   SR2013-03-17sub208
where.the.heart.is.cd2-pfa.srt   RO2009-02-14srt207
Wher The Heart Is [2000] 720p.srt   PB2013-12-18srt205
Where­.The­.Heart­.Is­.(2000)­.Z2­.WiHD­.FR.srt   FR2012-12-10srt201
where.the.heart.is.cd2.txt   PL2008-02-06tmp195
where.the.heart.is.cd1.txt   PL2008-02-06tmp195
where_the_heart_is.srt   NL2008-02-07srt192
Gdzie serce twoje CD1.txt   PL2008-11-21sub191
Where The Hearts Is CD1.srt   ES2012-09-09srt161
Where The Hearts Is CD2.srt   ES2012-09-09srt161
where the heart is cd1.txt   PL2008-02-06sub152
where the heart is cd2.txt   PL2008-02-06sub152
Where.The.Heart.Is.2000.DvdRip.txt   PL2011-12-09sub120
where.the.heart.is.cd1-pfa.txt   PL2009-04-10sub120
Where The Heart Is (2000) CD2_bul.sub   BG2007-06-24sub106
Where The Heart Is (2000) CD1_bul.sub   BG2007-06-24sub106
Where the Heart Is CD1.srt   CS2011-02-17srt99
[divx] where the heart is.txt   PL2008-02-06sub98
where the heart is (2000).txt   PL2008-02-06sub81
Where­.the­.Heart­.Is­.2000­.DVDRip­.XviD­.AC3-C00LdUdE.srt   BG2014-08-08srt79
where the heart is.txt   PL2008-02-06sub69
Where.the.Heart.Is.CD2.sub   TR2011-03-05sub67
Where­.The­.Heart­.Is­.2000­.WEBRip­.x264-RARBG.srt   EL2017-02-21srt57
Where the Heart Is (2000).srt   TR2014-05-02srt53
WheretheHeartIs-女孩第一名-2000­.Chs.srt   ZH2014-12-16srt52
Where the Heart Is CD1.txt   PL2011-07-22tmp51
Where-The-Heart-Is--ENG-(Jdi-za-svym-srdcem)-cze.sub   CS2013-02-03sub48
Where the Heart Is CD1.srt   RO2012-02-09srt43
Where the Heart Is CD2.srt   RO2012-02-09srt43
Where the Heart Is 2000 720p WEBRip x264-PLAYNOW-slv.srt   SL2014-09-16srt41
Where the Heart Is CD2.txt   PL2011-10-09tmp40
Where the Heart Is CD2.srt   BG2011-11-30srt29
Where the Heart Is CD1.srt   BG2011-11-30srt29
Where.the.Heart.Is.1.srt   HE2013-06-02srt22
Where.the.Heart.Is.2.srt   HE2013-06-02srt22
WheretheHeartIs2000­_1080i­_DD5­.1­.Chs.srt   ZH2014-12-16srt18
WheretheHeartIs2000.Chs.srt   ZH2014-12-16srt13
Where­.the­.Heart­.Is­.2000­.SLOSubs­.DVDRip­.XviD-Winston.srt   SL2014-10-23srt12
WheretheHeartIs-2000-720p-Chs.srt   ZH2014-12-16srt11
WheretheHeartIs2000­_1080i­_DD5­.1­.CHD­.Chs.srt   ZH2014-12-16srt10
Where The Heart Is CD2-heb.srt   HE2017-01-27srt3

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Where the Heart Is

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Novalee Nation is a pregnant 17-year-old from Tennessee heading to California with her boyfriend Willie Jack, but is abandoned by him at a Wal-Mart store in Sequoyah, Oklahoma. Novalee has no job, no skills and only $5.55 in her pocket, so she secretly lives in the Wal-Mart until her daughter Americus is born six weeks later. Novalee decides to raise her daughter and rebuild her life in Sequoyah, with the help of eccentric but kind strangers. Based on the best-selling novel by Billie Letts.

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