Full-Tilt Boogie

Season 13, episode 11 of Criminal Minds

Full-Tilt Boogie
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Genres: Drama, Crime, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Official sites: CBS [United States], Sky [UK]

The BAU team's investigation into the home invasion and attempted homicide of a police chief's wife uncovers a world of secrets in a small town in Virginia.

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Criminal­.Minds­.S13E11­.1080p­.WEB­.x264-TBS.srt   HE2018-01-18srt62
Criminal­.Minds­.S13E11­.Full­.Tilt­.Boogie­.1080p­.AMZN­.WEBRip­.DDP5­.1­.x264-NTb.srt   HE2018-01-18srt50
Criminal­.Minds­.s13e11­.I­.720p­.italiansubs.srt   IT2018-01-20srt24
Criminal.Minds.s13e11.italiansubs.srt   IT2018-01-18srt13
Criminal­.Minds­.s13e11­.WEB-DL­.italiansubs.srt   IT2018-01-18srt12
Criminal­.Minds­.s13e11­.720p­.italiansubs.srt   IT2018-01-20srt10
Criminal­.Minds­.S13E11­.HDTV­.x264-SVA­.de­.SubCentral.srt   DE2018-02-26srt10

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Full-Tilt Boogie

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The BAU heads to nearby Hitchens, Virginia where Trish Gaines, the wife of local Police Chief Steve Gaines, was found barely alive, partially buried, in a national park, the federal jurisdiction of the park being the reason that it becomes an FBI case. Trish is currently in a coma. Steve and their two children were off camping at the time, this the first time Steve had left Trish alone since they moved to Hitchens a year ago. On her own, Trish went to the local bar for a girls night out the evening before, the bar where she was harassed by a man named Rick Sturgess, who had previously served time for sexual assault. After taking Trish's statement at the bar, Assistant Chief Jimmy Mackenzie - Mack - escorted Trish home to make sure she was all right. These items lead to Sturgess being at the top of the suspect list. By the time the BAU arrives in Hitchens and Sturgess is in custody, they rule out Sturgess as the unsub. They also find that people involved in the case seem to be hiding a...

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