Army of One

Season 7, episode 11 of Scandal

Army of One
Internet Movie Database

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Released: Thursday, February 8, 2018

Official sites: ABC [United States], Official Facebook

Mellie's plans to name Jake as her new chief of staff only propels Olivia to do whatever it takes to make sure that does not happen. Back at Papa Pope's house, Quinn becomes restless, wondering just how long Rowan intends to keep her and Robin hidden from the outside world. Meanwhile at QPA, Abby, ... more

Subtitles name LanguageAddedFormatDownloaded
Scandal­.US­.S07E11­.720p­.HDTV­.x264-AVS­   EN2018-02-09srt7128 Download
Scandal­.US­.S07E11­.720p­.HDTV­.x264-AVS­.HI­ HI  EN2018-02-09srt6370 Download
Scandal - 07x11 - Army of One­.SVA­.English­.C­.updated­.Addic7ed­   EN2018-02-11srt216   NL2018-02-15srt503 Download
Scandal­.US­.S07E11­.1080p­.WEB­   NL2018-02-15srt168 Download
Scandal - 07x11 - Army of One­.SVA­.Romanian­.C­   RO2018-02-08srt0 Download
Scandal - 07x11 - Army of One­.HDTV­.x264-SVA­.Portuguese (Brazilian)­   PB2018-02-08srt0 Download
Scandal - 07x11 - Army of One­.SVA­.Italian­   IT2018-02-08srt0 Download
Scandal­.US­.S07E11­.720p­.HDTV­   PB2018-02-11srt1252
Scandal­.US­.S07E11­.1080p­.WEB­   PB2018-02-11srt387
Scandal - 07x11 - Army of   BG2018-02-09srt276
Scandal­.US­.S07E11­.720p­.HDTV­.x264-AVS­   EL2018-02-11srt209   HU2018-02-10srt196   IT2018-02-10srt144
Scandal­.US­.S07E11­.HDTV­.x264-SVA­   RO2018-02-13srt97
Scandal­.US­.S07E11­.WEBRip­   SR2018-02-16srt33
Scandal­.US­.S07E11­.720p­.HDTV­   CS2018-02-13srt25
Scandal­.US­.S07E11­.HDTV­.x264-SVA­.eztv.txt   PL2018-02-18sub19   IT2018-02-14srt12   IT2018-02-14srt12
Scandal­.US­.S07E11­.720p­.HDTV­   RO2018-02-13srt9   IT2018-02-15srt5

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Army of One

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