Friends and Lover

Season 9, episode 8 of Will & Grace

Friends and Lover
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Genres: Comedy, Romance

Countries: USA

Released: Thursday, January 4, 2018

Official sites: NBC

Will and Grace attempt to convince themselves it's okay to sleep with the same man; Jack and Karen get an annoying commercial jingle stuck in their heads.

Subtitles name LanguageAddedFormatDownloaded
Will­.and­.Grace­.S09E08­.HDTV­   EN2018-01-05srt6988 Download
Will­.and­.Grace­.S09E08­.HDTV­.x264-SVA­ HI  EN2018-01-05srt874 Download
will­.and­.grace­.s09e08­.friends­.and­.lover­.480p­.webrip­.x264­   EN2018-01-05srt1063
will­.and­.grace­.s09e08­.friends­.and­.lover­.480p­.webrip­.x264­.rmteam­ HI  EN2018-01-05srt314
Will & Grace - 09x08 - Friends and Lover­.SVA,AVS­.Italian­.C­   IT2018-01-06srt0 Download
Will­.and­.Grace­.S09E08­.HDTV­.x264-SVA­   ES2018-01-10srt343   PB2018-01-08srt164   IT2018-01-05srt161
Will­.and­.Grace­.S09E08­.720p­.HDTV­   PB2018-01-08srt128
Will . Grace   SR2018-01-08srt102
Will­.and­.Grace­.S09E08­.720p­.WEBRip­.DDP5­.1­   DA2018-01-06srt95
Will­.and­.Grace­.S09E08­.Friends­.and­.Lover­.1080p­.AMZN­.WEBRip­.DDP5­.1­   PB2018-01-08srt59
Will­.Grace­.s09e08­.720p­   IT2018-01-13srt10
Will­.Grace­.s09e08­.I­.720p­   IT2018-01-13srt10   IT2018-01-13srt9   IT2018-01-13srt7

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Friends and Lover

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